Jake Guentzel’s family wins for best reaction to goal (Video)

Jake Guentzel made his NHL debut for the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday against the New York Rangers. His family was in attendance for the big moment.

It didn’t take long for them to get their celebration on. Guentzel scored a goal on his first shot of the game.


While that’s a great moment for Guentzel, it’s his family’s reaction that makes it incredible.

His mom, dad and brother look as if they’ve just won both showcases on The Price is Right. 


Dad is in stunned disbelief; fighting back tears or vomit. Brother is JACKED and accidentally lands an elbow on cheering mom. They cannot believe what they just saw.

What could be better?

A second goal. Twelve minutes later, Guentzel potted number two.


The reaction the second time around was a little more subdued, but the family was still in joyful disbelief.


If he scores a hat trick, all bets are off. Pretty sure his brother will rip off his shirt Hulk Hogan style.

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Ryan Guentzel, Jake’s PUMPED brother, took to Twitter for a little self-deprecating humor during intermission: