Matt Murray glove save robs John Tavares (Video)

It was the best case scenario for the New York Islanders.

The team was on a 5-on-3 and in control of the puck in the Pittsburgh Penguins zone. Ryan Strome sent a perfect pass across the front of the crease to the team’s most lethal goal scorer, John Tavares.

Like Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney, Matt Murray would not have it.

Murray had to dive across the blue paint as Tavares took his shot at the seemingly open net. Miraculously, Murray landed with his arm in perfect position to make the glove save. Tavares could not believe what just happened.

Neither did the off-ice officials. They buzzed the referees to hold off on the faceoff as they got a look at the play. Based on a few camera angles, it looked as if Murray caught the puck with his glove over the red line.

The overhead camera would provide the definitive view of the ‘save of the year’ candidate – NO GOAL.