Price attempts to punch Palmieri through ice (Video)

Kyle Palmieri found out just how protective Carey Price is over his crease.

The New Jersey Devils forward danced around Jeff Petry on the way to the net. Palmieri appears to be trying to control the puck when he collides with Price.

The normally calm, cool Price turns green (under his mask) and goes full Hulk on Palmieri by decking him while still on the ice. You can practically hear the Montreal faithful yelling ‘FINISH HIM’ – or ‘FINIS-LE’ for the francophone – as Price goes back from a few more slugs on Palmieri.

Price used his blocker to pummel Palmieri and that could have cost him.

From the NHL rulebook:

But he’s Carey Price and they’re playing in Montreal. So…

He ended up with a double minor for roughing and Palmieri was sent up for two minutes on goalie interference.

The Canadiens went on to win the game 5-2.

Price learned a valuable lesson after the game: Goalies not named Carey Price could get a match penalty for punching opponents with their blocker.

Per Arpon Basu, Price did not know that rule about the match. Doesn’t apply to him so why should he? He was just trying to get an eyelash off of Palmieri’s cheek several times very forcefully.

He’s just lucky he wasn’t injured. With the way the hockey gods are treating the Canadiens this week, he could have broken his hand on Palmieri’s face – on accident, of course.