Borowiecki slams Toffoli face-first into glass (Video)

Mark Borowiecki knew the second after he made contact with Tyler Toffoli he would have to answer for what he did.

The Los Angeles Kings forward was playing the puck against the boards with his head down the entire time. Borowiecki comes flying in and forcefully drives Toffoli’s body into the glass.

Toffoli drops immediately to the ground. As the Kings encircle Borowiecki, the Ottawa Senators defenceman throws off his gloves and prepares to defend himself.

As for Toffoli, he got to his feet and skated to the bench. He went directly to the locker room for concussion evaluation.

After things died down, the officiating crew huddled and decided to give Borowiecki a five minute major penalty for boarding; however, they  did not kick him out of the game with a misconduct.

On the major penalty, the Kings scored two goals.

Borowiecki came out of the box and basically went right back in. Matt Green challenged Borowiecki to a tilt and the two went at it.

Now comes the age old question: will the hit by Borowiecki elevate to the level of supplemental discipline?

The rules surrounding boarding are vast.

What we know for sure: Borowiecki is out a c-note. Under 41.6, he is fined $100 for getting a major penalty. HOW WILL HE SURVIVE?! (It’s a collectively bargained amount that they clearly haven’t updated in a while.)

There is no question the Department of Player Safety will look at this hit.

The questions they’ll be asking are: if Toffoli put himself in a prone position just prior to the hit, and if Borowiecki had the opportunity to minimize the impact or avoid the hit all together.

Toffoli returned to the ice just shy of 15 minutes of game play later.


Borowiecki has a date with the Department of Player Safety on Sunday.