Mike Smith really, really wants to fight someone (Video)

Late in the second period, the always intense Arizona Coyotes netminder Mike Smith decided he’d had enough of the Dallas Stars and their (perceived) shenanigans around his goal crease.

A poke at the puck after the whistle by Radek Faska set Smith off.


This reaction by Smith was hilarious to Faksa. Seriously, he was laughing as the increasingly unhinged goaltender chased after him on the ice.


Smith did not get the fight he desired with Faksa so he went for the next best option: attempt to give Curtis McKenzie the old ‘Carey Price treatment.’

He was not done yet.

Without his mask and his hair hanging in front of his face, he barked the immortal words: ‘you wanna [expletive] go?’


To whom was he asking? Probably anyone within 10 feet of him. It could have been a fan in the first row for all we know.

When everything settled down and the rest of the Stars and Coyotes were separated, Smith ended up with four minutes in roughing penalties.

As if nothing happened, Smith took his place back in his crease, flipped his hair back and put his mask on.


s/t Steph for the GIFS