Kevin Bieksa literally undresses Wayne Simmonds in fight (Video)

Chalk this up to things you don’t see every day.

In the first period between the Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers, Kevin Bieksa and Wayne Simmonds decided to throw down.

It was a spirited tussle as Bieksa quickly ripped the jersey off Simmonds.

The two hug it out before Bieksa unleashes rights on Simmonds and somehow manages to rip his pads off too. The pads came off along with the shirt Simmonds was wearing underneath.

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By the end of the fight, Simmonds was naked from the pants up and the two guys were laughing as they went to their respective penalty boxes.

Given how easily Simmond’s jersey came off, we’re guessing he didn’t have it tied down properly as mandated by the league. However, the officials were laughing at what happened and didn’t fault Simmonds for Magic Mike-ing it up on the ice.