Return of the puppy challenge: Wiener dog edition

Last season hockey fans were introduced to the phenomena known as ‘The Puppy Challenge.’

Children made posters and put them on the glass during warmups to show their favorite NHL players that they’d get a dog if said player scored during the game

Both Bobby Ryan and Cam Atkinson came through when put to the test.

In Vancouver on Wednesday night, Bo Horvat received the first Puppy Challenge of 2017; however, it was slightly different. The child above asked specifically for a wiener dog (or for you AKC buffs, a dachshund).

That’s a short-haired version. There are also long-haired breeds.

The child also stipulated he’d name the dog ‘Horvat.’ Interesting since the first name ‘Bo’ seems like a standard dog name, but we applaud the kid of thinking outside the box.

Anyway, the game between the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes had less than 10 minutes to go and still no goal from Horvat.

The Puppy Challenge will not be defeated, and Horvat made sure of it. He got in behind the Coyotes defense and went one-on-one with Mike Smith. Horvat scored.


Note to parents out there: if you’re going to do the Puppy Challenge with your kids and want to pick a star player but don’t really want the dog – go for someone like Ryan Getzlaf with a pass-first mentality. Horvat is currently leading the Canucks in goals and points.