Brock Lesnar breaks dumbest ‘rule’ in Jets locker room (Video)

Brock Lesnar is six-foot-three, 265-pound professional wrestler and former UFC champion. He’s also a hockey fan.

After the Winnipeg Jets game on Monday night, of which Lesnar was in attendance, he was invited back to the Jets locker room to have a look around.

What he didn’t know is that he was about to break one of the cardinal (AND RIDICULOUS) rules of an NHL locker room.

See if you can figure it out…

Yes, he stepped on the G-D MF-ing Jets logo on the floor.

The fact they were so quick to call him on their (stupid) rule as a guest in their room is amazing. Hockey players are tough, but Lesnar could probably crack their skulls with his thighs.

Lesnar should have challenged Dustin Byfuglien to a cage match on the logo right there. The wrestler was in good spirits though. Big Buf is saved from Suplex City. (I’m told that’s a thing; probably not the right Puck Daddy writer to tackle wrestling.)

For the millionth time: If it’s such a sin to step on the logo, why not cover it? Cord it off? Teams have done, and currently do, both.

The Boston Bruins remain No. 1 in our book by doing what is so very obvious – they put the logo on the ceiling.