Claude Julien does not care for ‘shock journalism’

‘Gotcha questions’ are not allowed in Claude Julien’s press scrums.

Even when the question that is about to be asked is expected by almost everyone in the room.

The ‘almost’ in this case appears to be Julien.

His Boston Bruins lost – again. This time they held a shutout against the Chicago Blackhawks until 1:26 remained. The passing by the Blackhawks catches the Bruins – I don’t know, sleep walking? – and Marian Hossa buries the game winner.


The hockey world has been on Claude Julien ‘nail in the coffin’ watch for the better part of a decade (at least it feels that way). This loss could be it, for reals this time.

Since Julien emerged to speak with reporters after the game one would assume he had yet to be fired, and that’s correct. Then intrepid beat reporter Joe Haggerty had the audacity to do his job and ask Julien about his job security.

To which Julien replied:

“Well I’m not into shock-journalism so I’ll stay away from that question if you don’t mind.”

He left the scrum after the declaration.

Later ESPN’s Joey McDonald tweeted:


We don’t know if that’s just for tonight or for the rest of the season. Don Sweeney has yet to give the coach the vote of confidence (i.e. the kiss of death).

Many Bruins fans feel like this isn’t Julien’s sword to fall on. The team is 15-10-1 (31 points) in its first 26 games and is 8-10-5 (21 points) in their last 23. Yet in situations like the Bruins’ it’s the coach whose head is on the chopping block.

Just don’t ask Julien about it.