Martin Jones goes old school in OT to save game (Video)

In overtime, Tobias Rieder had the game on his stick. No question about it.

He encountered one slight problem … Martin Jones.

Shane Doan and Reider were in on a two-on-one against Marc-Eduard Vlasic. Doan passed the puck perfectly to Rieder who sets it up in his wheelhouse and tickets it for the top corner.

The San Jose Sharks netminder went old school with a push off windmill stack of sorts only to snare the puck with his glove.

What you don’t see is the reason Vlasic was all alone.

In the neutral zone, Doan gives Joe Thornton a nice elbow to the face. Jumbo was not thrilled and gave the officials a piece of his beard at the next stoppage.

The Coyotes went on to win the game in the shootout.