Lawson Crouse’s dad is JACKED to see son fight (Video)

Normally seeing one of your loved ones getting in a fight might bring you pause.

Well, you’re not a hockey dad. More specifically, you’re not a hockey dad on the Arizona Coyotes dad’s trip in a group that includes former pugilist Ty Domi.

In Max Domi’s second game back from injury, he wasn’t about to throw down with any of the San Jose Sharks.

No problem though. Lawson Crouse has filled in just fine while Max has been out.

Case and point: Crouse throws down with Brendan Dillon in the first period Saturday night.


Crouse’s dad, Mike, was STOKED to see his son practice his craft.

So much so he took off his free jersey and waived it for all the fans in the Shark Tank to see.


Fox Sports Arizona caught up with Mr. Crouse and asked him about the fun that had been had. Abiding by the code he answered, “What happens in San Jose, stays in San Jose.”

We’d also like to offer an honorable mention to Ryan White’s dad.

White scored the game-tying goal for the Coyotes off a deflection. In turn, his father gave the San Jose faithful the one finger salute.

From @ChillyMostFresh:

He must have learned that while Ryan was playing in Philly.