Bernier submits ‘save of the year’ play in wacky second period (Video)

Whatever Sami Vatanen was (or wasn’t doing) during the play above led to an unbelievable save by Anaheim Ducks goaltender Jonathan Bernier.

On the power play Brad Marchand was floating uncontested as Patrice Bergeron got into position on the far post. Marchand sends a perfect pass to Bergeron who has a wide open net. Bergeron’s split second decision to stop the puck with his skate and put it on this stick may have been a millisecond too long.

Bernier dives sideways and gets his paddle on the puck. He pulls it into his body so Bergeron can’t get the rebound. Afterwards, defenseman Sami Vatanen gives his goaltender a ‘my bad’ tap on the mask.

The period continued as one that’s encapsulates Bernier’s season with Anaheim; a lot of luck, .

Not too long after the incredible save, the Boston Bruins appeared to score on the power play; however, the officials called it off as ‘no goal’ right away.

The Bruins challenged the play saying it wasn’t goaltender interference. Take a look.

From @PeteBlackburn:


Yeaaaah. Bernier may have done more interfering on that play than Marchand. Watch the stick of goalie as Marchand skates backwards.

The Situation Room said this of the play, emphasis is theirs:

At 5:38 of the second period in the Bruins/Ducks game, Boston requested a Coach’s Challenge to review the “Interference on the Goalkeeper” decision that resulted in a “no goal” call.

After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Referee confirmed that Boston’s Brad Marchand made incidental contact with Anaheim goaltender Jonathan Bernier before the puck crossed the goal line, preventing Bernier from doing his job in the crease.

Therefore the original call stands – no goal Boston Bruins.

Since the Coach’s Challenge did not result in the original call being overturned, the Bruins forfeit their time-out.

Shortly after the goal was overturned, Zdeno Chara scored on a blast to give the Bruins a 2-1 lead.

Anaheim follows up with two straight goals to go ahead, 3-2.

The goal stings not just because it gave Anaheim the lead. The Ducks were 100000% offsides when they skate into the Boston zone.


The Bruins can’t challenge because they burned their timeout on the unsuccessful non-goalie interference challenge earlier in the game.

The period ended with the Ducks keeping the 3-2 lead.

s/t @PeteBlackburn