Comeau on breakaway makes the most Avalanche decision ever (Video)

Poor Blake Comeau. He just became the physical embodiment of the Colorado Avalanche’s 2016-17 season.

The Avs forward gets in behind the Winnipeg Jets defense and is off on a breakaway. Right when he reaches the hashmarks he takes a sho…NOPE!

Just like Joe Sakic at the trade, he does the exact opposite of what everyone was expecting him to do.

Comeau decides to get fancy and pass to Nathan MacKinnon. Only problem, MacKinnon is about 10 feet behind him and Patrik Laine is even closer.

Laine picks off the puck and is off down the ice. Lucky for the Avalanche, Laine does not score his second goal of the game on the play.

It was a bad night for the Avs all together. The Jets thumped them to a tune of 6-1. The game included a two goals in sixteen seconds flurry by Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele.