Beauchemin’s shot goes through camera slot, hits fan (Video)

The most precise shot of Francois Beauchemin’s season came at the expense of a patron at the Joe Louis Arena.

Beauchemin attempts to clear the puck off the glass. When doing so, he lifts the puck at just the right height for it to fly through the camera hole cut into the glass.

The camerawoman who was stationed there reacted quickly and ducked out of the way.

As for the guy sitting in the seats a few rows behind her, he wasn’t so lucky. The fan took the puck to the face.

Beauchemin saw what happened and immediately gave the fan a towel from the bench.

Great news for this fan: he got a free towel and he DIDN’T SPILL HIS BEER!

Oh and he appears to be OK. The towel did have some blood on it; however, after getting a look over by the EMTs, he stayed in his seat and watched the game.

He’s tough! He’s a hockey fan!