Fan hit by Beauchemin’s shot: Happy he took puck to face, nephews didn’t

Earlier Saturday, we wrote about a freak accident when Francois Beauchemin inadvertently shot the puck through the camera slot in the glass and struck a fan in his seat at Joe Louis Arena.

The Colorado Avalanche defenseman rushed to get the man a towel. The fan, whose name is David, was bloodied but fine.

David also happens to be a Puck Daddy reader! He was kind enough to drop us an email later in the day:

I’m the guy who got hit. This confirms why I’ve always said that NHL’ers are the best Pro’s in the World! [Beauchemin] not only got me the towel far faster than the staff at the Joe could, he also autographed his stick and gave it to me! A billion to one accident, and as usual, a first class response from a REAL Pro! Only in Hockeytown does this happen, and Hockeytown is the entire NHL.

I’m a lifelong hockey fan and the biggest reason is the players themselves. They are as a whole, the most approachable and humble top athletes you could ever imagine.

Mr Beauchemin is yet another example of what kind of men hockey produces – extremely tough and extremely competitive, but still filled with compassion. He didn’t owe a Wings fan a team towel to mop up blood with, yet he brought me one- and much quicker than the professionals at the Joe could get one to me.  And he certainly didn’t need to give me a very expensive autographed hockey stick, but he did, because he is not only a man but an NHL’er –  Athletes worthy of our attention unlike many others in pro sports.

Anyways, this is the first game my nephews, (7 & 10), ever got to see, so I’m glad I got the puck in the face and they didn’t!  Pretty sure they’ll have a lifelong memory of their 1st and last Wings game at the Joe. I know I won’t!

That’s one heck of a story that David and his nephews will have forever.

We can’t thank David enough for reaching out after his eventful day, and sharing his love for the game with the rest of us puck heads.

Hopefully this reaches Beauchemin and brings a smile to his face. As a part of the Avs, he sure could use it. (Sorry Avs fans.)