Jonathan Quick displays unconventional karate kick save (Video)

Jonathan Quick has never been one to fall back on traditional goaltending techniques when pressured.

(Another) case and point, Sunday’s game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Peter Holland receives a perfect pass through Brayden McNabb legs in front of the Kings net. Quick doesn’t even move his body to get in front of the puck, so Holland’s got a wide open net to shoot at.

Holland fires it on net expecting to score a goal. Faster than Austin Powers can say, “JUDO KICK,” Quick extends his leg and blocks the shot. It appears to hit his skate or the skate blade itself.

The puck drops to the ice and Quick covers.

It’s a ‘must win’ game for the Los Angeles Kings if they want to keep their playoff hopes on life support.

The St. Louis Blues did LA a favor by beating the Nashville Predators earlier in the day. The Kings need a win against Arizona to stay alive.

Quick is doing his part. It remains to be seen if the rest of the Kings will do theirs.