Most painful primary assist of Richard Panik’s career (Video)

If the Chicago Blackhawks are going to score a goal, they’re going to do so by any means necessary.

Even if it includes inflicting pain on a teammate.

As the puck makes its way over to Brent Seabrook at the blueline, Richard Panik heads to the front of the net. Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo appears to get an elbow up high on Panik. The Blackhawks forward falls down and his momentum carries him into the net behind Anton Khudobin.

Seabrook’s shot goes on net. It rebounds out to Artemi Panarin who takes his first shot. Panik is still in the net, and has pulled himself into a semi-fetal position, protecting his money maker (face).

BONK! The puck hits Panik in the shoulder area, where his hand is up covering his ear, but does not cross the goal line.

Lucky for Panarin (unlucky for Panik?) the puck deflects right back out for Panarin to take another whack at it.

The second shot goes up high and appears to just miss the head to Panik. Goal for the Blackhawks.

The players initially start to gather for the celebratory hug before they realize Panik is still in the net. He gets up and skates to the bench with the rest of the teammates.

Sure he might have a couple bumps, bruises and possible head trauma, but hey! He got the primary assist on the goal, building on his career highs in helpers (21) and points (43).

Panik did not return to the ice for the remaining 1:43 in the second period; however, he was back out there for the third.