Tyson Jost scores first NHL goal; grandpa weeps tears of joy (Video)

Jim Jost came into our lives a couple days ago when his grandson, Colorado Avalanche rookie Tyson Jost, took to the ice for his first time as a pro, and wept at the accomplishment of his grandson. The heartwarming moment was instantly replayed across the hockey world and beyond.

Grandpa Jost one-upped himself on Thursday night when young Tyson scores his first NHL goal.

First, watch the goal.

And now for the reaction by Grandpa Jost. Get your tissues ready because it’s about to get real dusty in here.

The unofficial team Grandpa of the Avs sheds tears of joy. It was an incredible happy moment we all could use right now. Then he goes back to what he was doing beforehand, eating popcorn.

After the game, the younger Jost said of his grandfather, “He’s kind of my secret weapon.”

Secret weapon of adorableness.

The Avs ended up dropping the game to the Minnesota Wild, 4-3, but it was another amazing night for the Jost family.

s/t @kylekeefetv of the GIF