Tyson Jost scores first NHL goal; grandpa weeps tears of joy (Video)

Jim Jost came into our lives a couple days ago when his grandson, Colorado Avalanche rookie Tyson Jost, took to the ice for his first time as a pro, and wept at the accomplishment of his grandson. The heartwarming moment was instantly replayed across the hockey world and beyond.

Grandpa Jost one-upped himself on Thursday night when young Tyson scores his first NHL goal.

First, watch the goal.

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Fan hit by Beauchemin’s shot: Happy he took puck to face, nephews didn’t

Earlier Saturday, we wrote about a freak accident when Francois Beauchemin inadvertently shot the puck through the camera slot in the glass and struck a fan in his seat at Joe Louis Arena.

The Colorado Avalanche defenseman rushed to get the man a towel. The fan, whose name is David, was bloodied but fine.

David also happens to be a Puck Daddy reader! He was kind enough to drop us an email later in the day:

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Beauchemin’s shot goes through camera slot, hits fan (Video)

The most precise shot of Francois Beauchemin’s season came at the expense of a patron at the Joe Louis Arena.

Beauchemin attempts to clear the puck off the glass. When doing so, he lifts the puck at just the right height for it to fly through the camera hole cut into the glass.

The camerawoman who was stationed there reacted quickly and ducked out of the way.

As for the guy sitting in the seats a few rows behind her, he wasn’t so lucky. The fan took the puck to the face.

Beauchemin saw what happened and immediately gave the fan a towel from the bench.

Great news for this fan: he got a free towel and he DIDN’T SPILL HIS BEER!

Oh and he appears to be OK. The towel did have some blood on it; however, after getting a look over by the EMTs, he stayed in his seat and watched the game.

He’s tough! He’s a hockey fan!

Comeau on breakaway makes the most Avalanche decision ever (Video)

Poor Blake Comeau. He just became the physical embodiment of the Colorado Avalanche’s 2016-17 season.

The Avs forward gets in behind the Winnipeg Jets defense and is off on a breakaway. Right when he reaches the hashmarks he takes a sho…NOPE!

Just like Joe Sakic at the trade, he does the exact opposite of what everyone was expecting him to do.

Comeau decides to get fancy and pass to Nathan MacKinnon. Only problem, MacKinnon is about 10 feet behind him and Patrik Laine is even closer.

Laine picks off the puck and is off down the ice. Lucky for the Avalanche, Laine does not score his second goal of the game on the play.

It was a bad night for the Avs all together. The Jets thumped them to a tune of 6-1. The game included a two goals in sixteen seconds flurry by Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele.

NHL Halloween 2016: Grown men dress in costumes (Gallery)

One of the few delights throughout the long NHL season is the Halloween parties teams have and seeing our favorite NHLers get creative with their costumes.

We dug around the interwebs to find as many players in costume this year at their team’s Halloween celebrations and they did not disappoint.

Without further ado, enjoy the gallery of ghouls and goblins from what is NHL Halloween 2016.

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MacKinnon humbled by new contract; feels pressure to win

Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic can cross off the highest priority item off his ‘to do’ list this offseason. The team has signed restricted free agent Nathan MacKinnon to a seven year, $44.1-million contract.

In his post-signing conference call with reporters, the 20-year-old MacKinnon seemed humbled by the contract he earned.

“Honestly, it was very weird signing it today,” said MacKinnon. “I hesitated before I sent it back … just thinking about where I’m from and that kind of money is just crazy to me. But I’m very lucky, and I know I’m very fortunate.”

At the same time, he realizes that big money brings big expectations, ones he’s ready to perform to.

“I feel like I have a lot to prove in this league,” said MacKinnon. “I can take my game to a whole other level … I’m really excited to show that next season, especially with this new contract … there is a lot of pressure to perform and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of that.”

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Bourque pleads not guilty; blood-alcohol three times legal limit: Report

Former Boston Bruins defenseman Ray Bourque was arrested, booked and released on bail on Friday, June 24 for operating under the influence (OUI) in Andover, Massachusetts.

Bourque was not scheduled to be arraigned until Tuesday; however he and his attorney appeared in court on Monday where Bourque entered a plea of ‘not guilty.’

Details are now coming forth as to the circumstances surrounding Bourque’s arrest, including his blood-alcohol content.

According to the Boston Globe, Bourque’s BAC was allegedly .249, three times over the legal limit.

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