NHL sets pre-expansion draft transaction rules for Vegas

Earlier today the NHL certified the $500-milllion payment made by the Vegas Golden Knights ownership group and officially announced them as a the league’s 31st franchise.

With this major step in the process out of the way, the Golden Knights can begin construction of their roster prior to the June 21 expansion draft.

Here are the guidelines from the NHL as to what they can and can’t do. If you glaze over at the sight of legalese, we’ll highlight a few main points.

Bona Fide Transactions: Effective today, Vegas may now enter into Trades and Waiver Transactions or sign Players to NHL SPCs in accordance with CBA Section 50.8(d) or a Player Transfer Agreement (a “bona fide transaction”). Any bona fide transactions involving current Players must specify the identity of each and every such Player(s) at the time the transaction is entered into.

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