Don’t Snow the Goalie: NWHL drama, CWHL future

“Kate Cimini and Erik Wollschlager talk NWHL issues with Puck Daddy’s own Jen Neale. Board of Governors, sponsors, the All-Star Game to be held in Pittsburgh in the early days of 2017, player responsibilities and front-office issues are all on the table. Don’t miss this one. Also discussed is the CWHL’s future direction, a league only ten years in to its run.”

NHL files suit against NHLPA to void Wideman arbitration decision

In March 2016, a neutral arbitrator reduced Dennis Wideman’s suspension for striking Don Henderson from 20 games to 10 games. A determination to which the NHL ‘strenuously’ disagreed.

Nearly three months after the decision was handed down, the NHL has filed suit against the NHLPA to nullify the decision by the arbitrator.

Through a league spokesman, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly offered comment that broadly addresses the nature of the suit:

“We can confirm that the National Hockey League today filed an action in the federal district court for the Southern District of New York seeking to vacate Arbitrator James Oldham’s arbitration decision reducing the League’s supplementary discipline suspension to Player Dennis Wideman from 20 to 10 games. We believe that Arbitrator Oldham, in reaching his decision, exceeded his contractual authority by failing to properly apply the parties’ collectively bargained standard of review.  Today’s action was motivated primarily by our regard for the collective bargaining process and the importance of maintaining and safeguarding the parties’ reasonable expectations arising from the agreements made in that process. The timing of today’s filing was dictated  exclusively by the requirements of the federal rules governing these actions.  We do not intend to offer any further comment pending the conclusion of the court’s review.”

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Dani Rylan, NWHL commissioner, opens up about scandalous offseason

In March 2016, the first ‘leaked’ National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) emails made their way to the inboxes of several women’s hockey writers. Others followed. They alleged unpaid debts, mismanagement behind the scenes and general chaos for the first-year league.

How did NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan feel about this campaign?

“Someone has a lot of time on their hands to try and undermine the NWHL and all the hard work we’ve put into this league,” she said in an interview with Puck Daddy. “I would much prefer to actually handle a problem someone has with me rather than hear about it through a blog post.”

What a difference a year makes.

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