Linden Vey hopes for closure in father’s alleged murder conspiracy

Imagine learning one of your parents (allegedly) attempted to have your other parent murdered, and trying to function in life afterwards.

That has been Linden Vey’s existence since 2013 when his father, Curtis Vey, and his mistress, Angela Nicholson, were arrested for allegedly planning to murder Brigette Vey, Linden’s mother and Curtis’s estranged wife, and Nicholson’s husband, Jim Taylor.

From the Canadian Press back in August 2013:

“Police told Taylor that Brigitte Vey tipped them to an alleged murder plot in which Vey’s wife was going to die in a house fire and Taylor would die of an overdose on Halloween.

“After RCMP received the tip, Taylor said police told him, they tapped the pair’s phones and went through their emails … , Taylor said. 

“There was an extramarital affair, which cumulated into reasonable and probable grounds, leading to the planning of a murder,” said Cpl. Rob King.”

Right out of a Lifetime movie.

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