One horseman short: Ott joins Gallagher, Shaw on Canadiens

Woo-boy. If anyone needed a reason to hate the Montreal Canadiens even more, Mark Bergevin just gave them a big one in the acquisition perma-pain-in-the-butt Steve Ott from the Detroit Red Wings.

In return, the Red Wings will receive a sixth round draft pick in 2018.

Ott joins a team that already has Brendan Gallagher and Andrew Shaw in its lineup. Perhaps they’ve just formed a French-Canadian version of the Axis of Evil or ‘Axe de Mal,’ if you will.

If only they could acquire one more uber-agitator then Montreal could claim to have all four horsemen of the hockey-pocalypse.

(Calm down Canadiens fans. Jokes.)

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Gallagher takes Weber shot to hand, leaves game (Video)

Brendan Gallagher missed 17 games last season after breaking two fingers on a shot by Johnny Boychuk.

In Wednesday’s game, he was tagged by friendly fire on the same hand. Even worse – it was a shot from Shea Weber.

No one knows if Gallagher still has a hand that contains fully formed bones.

Gallagher left the game shortly after returning to the bench, and the Montreal Canadiens announced he would not return. The team went on to beat the Dallas Stars in overtime.

We’ll update this post as soon as news starts trickling out from the media scrums.


Per Amanda Stein of TSN, Gallagher will not travel to Toronto for Saturday’s game against the Leafs. He will go back to Montreal to visit with team doctors.

That’s not a great sign for the already broken and battered Habs.

About last night: Price explains massive side-eye at Therrien

Before Carey Price would get to talking about his 250 career win, he had some ‘splainin’ to do about what happened the night before.

In Friday’s tilt versus the Sharks, Price was pulled by Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien after allowing four goals.

The Habs’ star netminder was none too pleased about getting the hook and showed his displeasure as he stormed off to the locker room; throwing a not so subtle stare down at his coach on his way.

He declined to speak with the media after the game.

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Price attempts to punch Palmieri through ice (Video)

Kyle Palmieri found out just how protective Carey Price is over his crease.

The New Jersey Devils forward danced around Jeff Petry on the way to the net. Palmieri appears to be trying to control the puck when he collides with Price.

The normally calm, cool Price turns green (under his mask) and goes full Hulk on Palmieri by decking him while still on the ice. You can practically hear the Montreal faithful yelling ‘FINISH HIM’ – or ‘FINIS-LE’ for the francophone – as Price goes back from a few more slugs on Palmieri.

Price used his blocker to pummel Palmieri and that could have cost him.

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Galchenyuk, Desharnais out 6-8 weeks with knee injuries

The injury bug has taken a big chunk out of the Montreal Canadiens. On Wednesday, the team announced both Alex Galchenyuk and David Desharnais will be out six to eight weeks with knee injuries.

Galchenyuk left Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings after a run in with Anze Kopitar that saw Galchenyuk’s knee get tweaked awkwardly.


The center currently leads the Habs in both points (23) and goals (9).

As for Desharnais, in Tuesday’s game versus the St. Louis Blues the smaller Desharnais went in for a hit on Jay Bouwmeester and ended up with the worst of it.

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Beaulieu takes puck to neck, transported to hospital as precaution

Five minutes into the second period, Montreal Canadiens forward Nathan Beaulieu was hit with a shot in the throat. Incredibly he finished his shift before leaving the ice and going straight into the locker room.

The Canadiens quickly announced that he would not return with an upper-body injury. It was later reported by TSN 690 that Beaulieu was transported to an area hospital as a precaution and confirmed by the team.

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NHL Halloween 2016: Grown men dress in costumes (Gallery)

One of the few delights throughout the long NHL season is the Halloween parties teams have and seeing our favorite NHLers get creative with their costumes.

We dug around the interwebs to find as many players in costume this year at their team’s Halloween celebrations and they did not disappoint.

Without further ado, enjoy the gallery of ghouls and goblins from what is NHL Halloween 2016.

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Montreal Children’s Hospital patients read letter from P.K. Subban (Video)

One the lasting legacies of P.K. Subban’s time in Montreal will not be something he did on the ice. Nor will it be the trade that sent him to Nashville. It will be the humanitarian impact he had in the city.

In September 2015, Subban pledged $10-million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital over a seven year span. Already a fan favorite of many of the kids in Montreal, he cemented himself in their hearts with his incredible gift.

The news of his trade was met with ‘grief’ from the children. The Montreal Gazette reported, “Doctors, nurses and social workers did their best to reassure the inconsolable children their knight still belonged to them even if he no longer belonged to the Canadiens.”

Subban reassured the kids he was not going to leave them with an incredible heartfelt letter Check out the video as kids and families read what Subban wrote. (Might want to grab the tissues before you do.)


“… just because I have a new address, doesn’t mean my commitment to you and to the hospital is going to change one bit.”

Wow. If that doesn’t tug at your heart strings, then your heart is two sizes too small, Mr. Bergevin.