Scottsdale multi-purpose arena group courting Coyotes: Report

The drama surrounding the Arizona Coyotes and their arena issues feel like they’re never going to end.

Craig Morgan of Arizona Sports reported Wednesday night a group based in Scottsdale, Arizona is courting the Coyotes to as tenants for a new multi-purpose event facility on Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community land.

The facility would be part of a larger, approximately 65-acre sports village that could also include retail, entertainment, living and work spaces. A group of local businessmen, investors and advisors has been working with the community for more than a year, and multiple sources said the basic structure of the financing is already in place with Barclays Bank in the fold.

One source termed the project “an examination, with nothing concrete set yet,” admitting that an anchor tenant like the Coyotes or Suns would help.

“At this point we are determining whether or not it can be paid off with debt financing,” the source said. “We’re looking at the feasibility of filling it up with event nights. Obviously, a permanent tenant would be helpful, but we have been examining the option even without a permanent tenant.”

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