‘Carlyle 2.0 Era’ brings focus, quiet confidence to Ducks

ANAHEIM, Calif. — For the first time in about four seasons, the Anaheim Ducks are entering the playoffs on a very quiet roll.

It’s somewhat amazing considering the last time the team lost in regulation is on March 10; their record from that point, including the playoffs, is 15-0-3.

The radio silence in large part is due to the fact that no one really knew what to make of this team for the beginning of the season.

In those previous years under Bruce Boudreau, the bar was set high (and rightfully so) with the Ducks always expected to contend for the Stanley Cup, only to fail epically each time. In Game 7. At home.

Boudreau was fired, and Randy Carlyle was re-hired. The focus shifted from ‘what the coach and team hadn’t done’ to, really, no expectations at all.

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Ducks’ GM Murray: Carlyle brings accountability, knows how to win

ANAHEIM — By firing Bruce Boudreau and hiring Randy Carlyle, Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray sent a message to players, fans, and media alike: the team must win now.

“The team, this group, has a little window here; three years, maybe, whatever,” said Bob Murray to reporters at Tuesday’s press conference to announce the hiring of Carlyle. “You had to get a guy in here that knew some of the players and knows that it’s time. That knows how to win.”

Murray interviewed several candidates, but as he put it, “everything just came back to Randy in the end.”

Being in this position of rehire the team’s former head coach is one that Murray didn’t want to be in in the first place.

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Ducks expected to hire Randy Carlyle on Tuesday, seriously: Report

According to a tweet from Darren Dreger, the Anaheim Ducks are expected to announce the hiring (or rehiring?) of Randy Carlyle as head coach on Tuesday.

When we first heard these rumors everyone kind of laughed them off, right? Conventional wisdom in life is that you don’t go back with your ex because there was a probably a good reason you broke up in the first place.

But that’s logical, and in sports, things don’t border on the logical.

Instead, Ducks general manager Bob Murray is going back with his good old friend Randy Carlyle. The man he begrudgingly fired the two months into the 2011-12 after his team – mainly stars Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry – quit on their coach.

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