Henrik Sedin scores 1,000th point on Roberto Luongo (Video)

Henrik Sedin wanted to be in front of the fans in Vancouver when he picked up the 1,000th point of his NHL career.

He got his wish Friday night, scoring a goal with three pretty cool footnotes attached.

The primary assist on the goal went to his brother Daniel. (They’re identical twins, if you haven’t heard.) At the time of publication, Daniel sits at 968 points.

Second, he scored the goal on his former teammate Roberto Luongo. Sedin assumed the captaincy in Vancouver after Luongo held it. Bobby Lu went and gave his buddy some love after the goal.

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Return of the puppy challenge: Wiener dog edition

Last season hockey fans were introduced to the phenomena known as ‘The Puppy Challenge.’

Children made posters and put them on the glass during warmups to show their favorite NHL players that they’d get a dog if said player scored during the game

Both Bobby Ryan and Cam Atkinson came through when put to the test.

In Vancouver on Wednesday night, Bo Horvat received the first Puppy Challenge of 2017; however, it was slightly different. The child above asked specifically for a wiener dog (or for you AKC buffs, a dachshund).

That’s a short-haired version. There are also long-haired breeds.

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NHL Halloween 2016: Grown men dress in costumes (Gallery)

One of the few delights throughout the long NHL season is the Halloween parties teams have and seeing our favorite NHLers get creative with their costumes.

We dug around the interwebs to find as many players in costume this year at their team’s Halloween celebrations and they did not disappoint.

Without further ado, enjoy the gallery of ghouls and goblins from what is NHL Halloween 2016.

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Linden Vey hopes for closure in father’s alleged murder conspiracy

Imagine learning one of your parents (allegedly) attempted to have your other parent murdered, and trying to function in life afterwards.

That has been Linden Vey’s existence since 2013 when his father, Curtis Vey, and his mistress, Angela Nicholson, were arrested for allegedly planning to murder Brigette Vey, Linden’s mother and Curtis’s estranged wife, and Nicholson’s husband, Jim Taylor.

From the Canadian Press back in August 2013:

“Police told Taylor that Brigitte Vey tipped them to an alleged murder plot in which Vey’s wife was going to die in a house fire and Taylor would die of an overdose on Halloween.

“After RCMP received the tip, Taylor said police told him, they tapped the pair’s phones and went through their emails … , Taylor said. 

“There was an extramarital affair, which cumulated into reasonable and probable grounds, leading to the planning of a murder,” said Cpl. Rob King.”

Right out of a Lifetime movie.

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